Egyptian Prayer Rug


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Product Description

This design is taken from a 4th century Muslim/Coptic prayer rug found by archeologists in Egypt. Elements of the design on this stole have been separated to maintain the original coloration of the rug. It invites congregations to think about the beauty that other faith traditions contribute to our own faith practices. Consider the teaching of Anthony the Great, a Desert Father notable for being one of the first ascetics to attempt living in the Egyptian desert, completely cut off from civilization. Anthony gave a great deal of emphasis to living and practicing the teachings of Christ:  “…whatever you see your soul to desire according to God, do that thing, and you shall keep your heart safe.”

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Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 2 in


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    Greg,We have never reviewed it because the only iniarmotfon available about it is that it come in a spray bottle and costs $100. Right there I can tell you that it is a scam. Plus the website selling it was last updated in 2002. That should tell you something.

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