Deacon Stoles

Deacon stoles are worn by deacons in several denominations, and by non-ordained pastors in others. The stoles are diagonal in style, worn from the left shoulder across the chest and back and connected at the right hip, where the lower section of the stole hangs straight down the side. At In Stitches, while we make only the one “deacon” design shown here, we regularly configure almost all of the designs shown on this site as clergy stoles into deacon style stoles. If you’d like to order a deacon stole, please call us at 888.683.7074, with both the height of the person who will wear it and their general shape or build (large, petite, average, etc.). This will be very helpful in determining how long to make the diagonal section of the stole.

As always, please feel free to call us with questions or for help when ordering. 888.683.7074

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